Quality & certificate

Quality is a habit .PV projects need reliable products that can stand the test of time, both in terms of engineering design and financing .Compared with the industry peers,Lucksolar products have a strong reliability track record and good performance .Lucksolar implements Strict quality control in every step of products production. Lucksolar provides 25 to 30 years warranty, which is industry-leading linear power guarantee.
We do comprehensive quality control. QC system throughout the entire value chain, all steps are real-time monitoring.
1. Strengthen quality control. Solar panels must pass multiple tests such as appearance, electrical performance and structural performance 100%.
2. Quality control certification, with the most advanced quality control equipment, careful process, method, acceptance and professional personnel.
3. Intelligent quality control, fully intelligent quality control, real-time monitoring of all equipment and processes, any deviation outside the setting will be warned or automatically suspended.
4. Data-based quality control. All quality control data will be recorded, linked and stored in the network and test center for future analysis and tracking.

Post time: Jan-28-2019