MONOCRYSTALLINE Bifacial Dual-Glass(315-340 Watt)

Short Description:

Multi-bus grid high power v rate
High utilization
Adapt to harsh environments

Product Detail

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Multi Busbar
Multi Busbar Solar Cell 
Stronger current collection ability, Special circuit desig with much lower hot spot temperature;
Module effiffifficiency up to 20.20% 
Higher power brings lower kilowatt-hour cost, higher lifetime generating capacity, simultaneously lower annual power attenuation;
PID Free 
PID free, due to the POE material and double glass design, also can be improved to meet higher standards for the particularly harsh environment;
Low-Light Performance 
Excellent power generation performance under Low-Light condition due to Multi busbar; 
Excellent anti-microcracking performance with more balanced interior stress; 
Strength and Durability 
Certifified for 5400Pa snow and 2400Pa loads test;
Linear Performance Warranty

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